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Short on time? Don’t worry! That’s exactly why you should speak to us.

NOWWatch2.jpgLife just seems to be getting busier, doesn’t it? There’s always an email to reply to, a job that needs doing or somewhere we were supposed to be… 5 minutes ago.

It’s not surprising that the things we should be doing more regularly – like checking up on our home loans – don’t quite happen as often as they should.

We know you don’t have lots of spare time. And we suspect that you’d prefer to spend the time you do have, doing ANYTHING OTHER than talking to multiple lenders, doing paperwork and chasing up lenders to do more paperwork.

Let us help.

Here’s just a few ways we’ll review your loans to save money and save you time in the process.

We perform the calculations

You’d think that working out how much you can borrow is as simple as punching a few numbers into an online calculator. It’s not quite as simple as that. We need to consider servicing buffers, investment vs owner occupied debt, different lending policies and household expenditure indices and a whole lot more. The way a loan is structured can make a big difference to how how much you can borrow. Luckily, we’re loan structuring experts.

We compare your options 

We’re comparing what 30+ lenders are offering each and every day. Which one is offering special refinance rebates at the moment? Which one is offering generous pricing discounts at the moment? Which lender is close to their APRA-imposed lending restrictions and therefore is moving away from certain types of lending (for the moment?)

We can also work out how much a particular loan with a particular lender will cost you over a period of time. We’ll hunt down all the options, compare them and then present you with the best ones. Don’t waste time speaking to multiple lenders, just speak to us!

We spend our time making sure everything happens correctly, and on time

Once you provide us with your financial information and supporting documents, it’s our job to handle the rest. We’ll lodge your application, ensure it’s approved promptly and everything is ready in time for exchange (and then settlement). We’re in constant communication with the lender, your solicitor, the agent, and most importantly you!

If you decide to work with us, you will never waste time chasing the lender for updates. It’s our job to drive the entire process – so everything happens when it’s supposed to.

We won’t ask you questions if we already know the answers

Perhaps where we save our clients the most time, is when they come back to us for another purchase or home loan review. Even if you decide to go with another lender for your second loan, in most cases it’s just a matter of updating a few details and we can get straight to work. There is no need to provide us with everything again – that’s just a complete waste of everyone’s time.

We will only recommend the best

Operating in Canberra for almost 17 years, we know who the best agents are when it comes to selling your home and who you should ask for conveyancing assistance.  In fact, we can also suggest the best accountants, quantity surveyors, buyers agents and financial planners. You only want to deal with professionals who value your time and do their job properly with minimal fuss.  If you want to save time and simplify the entire process, we can suggest a few names for you to try.

We *actually* work as a team

There are always at least two people in our office who know exactly what’s happening with your loan.  This means that everyday, someone is working to ensure your application is progressing as it should.  And everyday, you can speak to someone who knows where things are up to. We really do value your time and understand how critical just one day can be when it comes to buying property.



Since there is no time like the present, why don’t you contact us today? We promise we’ll save you time!

(And if you’re still not convinced, find what some of our lovely clients have said about their experience working with us here)

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