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Looking for a vehicle lease or equipment finance?

vehicle financeIf you’re a business owner looking to buy a new car, implement the latest technology or upgrade some machinery, we can help!

There are also certain situations where we can assist PAYG employees with vehicle purchases too. Just give us a call.

Not only can we help you access competitive finance solutions, but we’re happy to review any quote you’ve already received to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

What can we offer?

  • Competitive rates on vehicle and equipment finance
  • Quick, cost-effective solutions
  • The right product to achieve your business objectives (i.e. are you looking to preserve capital, generate cash through sale leaseback or planning an exit/upgrade strategy?)
  • Flexible loan terms – i.e. 1 to 5 years, the option of having a balloon payment (a final payment made at the end of the term) to assist with business cashflow
  • A range of options to suit your needs, for example –

Chattel mortgage –

A chattel mortgage is when a financier provides you with funds to purchase an asset. The borrowed funds are used to purchase the asset, at which time you become the legal owner. At the same time, the financier takes out a ‘mortgage’ over the asset as security for the loan by registering an ‘interest’ over the title. Once the borrowing term is completed, the financier removes their ‘interest’ and you get clear title of your goods.

Commercial hire purchase

With a commercial hire purchase agreement, the financier allows you the right to possess and use an asset in return for regular payments. Once the final payment is made, you become the legal owner of the goods and its title is transferred to you.

What can we help you finance?

  • Motor vehicles
  • Heavy machinery
  • Plant machines
  • Industry specific equipment (i.e. dentist & doctor surgeries)

Why should you speak to us about it?

We’ll do all the work for you!

We’ll liaise with the lender on your behalf to ensure things progress quickly and you’re not wasting time going back and forth providing further supporting documentation.

Being a small business ourselves, we understand how important it is to be able to make decisions promptly and then act swiftly when required.

Let us worry about your equipment finance needs so you don’t need to.

Call us on 02 628 66501 to find out more.


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