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2017/18 Canberra Property Report – Find it here

What’s been happening in your suburb?

(And why you should care.)

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2017/18 Canberra Property Market Report

You can’t get ahead if you don’t know where you are

If you own shares, you want to know how the market is performing, right?!

So how is your most valuable asset (i.e your home) performing? Do you even know? 

It’s a little hard to know what the next best step is if you’re not sure of your current financial situation.

Be informed without having to do the work

As a homeowner, you’d like to stay on top of what’s happening in the local property market.

But the thing is, you can think of about 78 things you’d rather do than collate and analyse data.

Luckily for you, it’s something we actually like doing. Yep, true story!

We do the work and you receive the benefit. That sounds just about right to us.

Information leads to knowledge. Knowledge creates opportunities.

Things are tracking along nicely with your home (and home loan). But wait, are they?!

Maybe you’ve got equity built up you didn’t consider and that dream you’ve had of upgrading your home, is actually possible.

Maybe home values haven’t increased as much as you thought and it’s time to ramp up your efforts to pay down your home loan. With particular home loans, you can do this faster than others. Given the current market, are you do everything you can to grow your wealth?

Find out what property prices have been doing in your region by downloading a copy of our 2017/18 Canberra Property Market Report.

In 21 pages of analysis, we reveal:

  • Canberra’s top performing regions and suburbs over the last decade;
  • Which suburbs satisfied the popular saying, “property prices double every ten years;”
  • Which suburbs had the highest Median Property prices in 2017; and
  • What this all means for you as Canberra home owner.
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