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Download your 2018/19 Canberra Land Values & Property Prices Report (Nov, 2018)

What’s your land worth?

2018/19 Report: Canberra Land Values & Property Prices

Find out the 2018/19 Median Unimproved Land Value per metre ($UV/m) for 90 Canberra suburbs.

We analysed 1099 Canberra properties transactions, recording the land parcel size and unimproved value (UV) for 2017/18 and 2018/19.

We ranked Canberra regions according to the Median unimproved value of land per square metre and compared land UVs across suburbs.

We also looked at the reported change in Median Non-Unit House prices per suburb to determine whether it was impacted by underlying change in land values.

How do land values in your suburb compare with the rest of Canberra?

What’s the land worth in areas you’re thinking of upgrading to? 

Are there potential buying areas you’ve not yet considered?

Find answers to these questions in our easy-to-read printable Report.

Canberra land values

How can this Report help you?


Knowledge is buying power

The more you know about the area you’re buying in, the greater your chance of buying a good property for a good price


Identify opportunity

Understanding current land values may reveal capital growth in your area and identify available equity in your property


Spend your time wisely

We’ve spent time collating the data so you don’t have to. Spend your time making decisions (and acting on them) instead

What does the Report cover?

We answer questions like:


How does the $UV per square metre vary between Canberra suburbs?


How has the Median 2018/19 UV per square metre changed from 2017/18?


Do some suburbs represent better value than others, in terms of $UV per square metre?


How does the $UV per square metre vary between regions of Canberra? How does Belconnen compare to Woden, for instance?

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