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What’s happening with property values in 2024?

What’s happening with property values in 2024?

What’s changing with the RBA and their interest rate decisions?

The RBA kept the cash rate steady in February 24. But how will a change to the RBA’s meeting schedule impact interest rate changes this year?

Home loans for Self Employed Borrowers

If you’re self-employed, here’s what you need to know to give yourself the best chance of getting finance approved when you need it.

3 ways a pre-approval can put you ahead of other buyers

Here are three reasons you’ll want to to arrange a pre-approval before you start house hunting or making any offers.

Buy a house with only 5% deposit? Yes, it’s possible with the First Home Guarantee Scheme (FHBG)

If you’re finding it hard to grow your first home deposit, the First Home Guarantee Scheme might help you to buy sooner. Find out how.

How can I maximise interest savings with my offset account for minimum effort?

Are there things you can do to get the most out of your offset account? (There sure are!) Find ways to maximise your interest savings even further here.

How to buy your first home without a large deposit

Don’t have a large deposit saved, but want to buy a home now? Here we outline a few ways that could help you get into the property market now

How can I use equity to purchase an investment property?

If you own property, it’s likely you’ve heard about ‘equity’. Here we explain what equity is, how it’s calculated and what you can do with it

Under-the-radar rate hikes

Lenders often change rates independently of any RBA cash rate change. Don’t pay more than you need to. Book your home loan review today.

What’s stopping you from exploring your refinance options?

If you haven’t reached out for a home loan review lately, what’s stopping you? Here are some FAQ’s about refinances.

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