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Free E-book – Upgrade Your home

Want to upgrade your home but

not sure where to start?

(It’s ok. We’re here to help.)

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Ultimate Guide for Home Upgraders

Learn the steps you need to take BEFORE making an offer on a property

It’s super exciting you’re looking for a bigger home, especially if you’ve been thinking about it for ages. And now the house down the road – you know, the one you’ve always loved – has just come on the market.

But wait! Hang on a second….

To ensure you don’t take on financial risk (and cause unwanted stress), discover what you can do NOW to get your finances organised – ideally before the ‘For Sale’ sign appears at ‘that house.’

Discover different finance options available to help you upgrade your home

There are many different ways you can structure your finance to buy and sell property at the same time.

The best option for you will depend on the timing of your sale and/or purchase, how much you expect to receive from your sale, your capacity to cover multiple mortgages over the short time, PLUS your future property plans. And whilst ‘bridging finance’ is commonly suggested by others as an option, it’s generally NOT the most cost effective way to finance an upgrade. Learn how to upgrade your home the right way. 

Understand the differences between auction vs private treaty – so you’re ready to buy either way

Buying at auction is very different to buying via private treaty.

We reveal the things you can do to get ready to buy that house, regardless of the way it hits the market.

(P.S  We’ll also discuss this with you in much more detail, if you choose us to help you upgrade your home.)

It’s absolutely possible to upgrade your home without adding a whole heap of unwanted stress or financial risk.

But that’s not how the story normally goes because buyers don’t know what’s possible from a finance perspective and often do things in the wrong order.

In 15 pages of our Ultimate Guide for Home Upgraders, you’ll discover:

  • Tweaks you can make to your existing loans to help fast track your upgrade plans
  • Steps you can take to ensure you’re not putting yourself under unnecessary financial pressure
  • Key elements to consider when working out if you need to sell BEFORE you buy
  • The differences between buying property via Auction vs Private Treaty – so you’ll can be ‘buyer ready’ regardless
  • Tips to help you get the best price for your existing home once it’s on the market

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