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Are your investment loans helping to

maximise your returns?

(Not sure? That’s ok.

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Ultimate Property Investment Guide

Learn how to structure your loans so you’re the one benefiting (not just the lender)

If you seek finance directly through a lender, it’s not uncommon to end up with a loan structure that best suits them. The lender may take more of your security than necessary. Or lock you into a loan that stops you from achieving your longer term property plans. Or charge you more interest by offering a loan that isn’t quite the right one. 

There’s much more to consider than the interest rate. Learn what to look for, so you can select a loan to help you grow your property portfolio the way you want to. 

Discover how to buy investment property WITHOUT exhausting cash reserves

The idea of investing in property is appealing to many homeowners, but often overlooked due to a lack of understanding of how to finance the purchase.

“I don’t want so spend all my savings,” and “I want to retain a cash buffer,” are common phrases we hear. 

The thing is, you don’t have to use cash. We reveal how you can buy an investment property using little-to-none of your cash savings.

Understand the differences between auction vs private treaty – so you’re ready to buy either way

Buying at auction is very different to buying via private treaty.

We reveal the things you should do to ensure you’re ready to buy property, regardless of the way it hits the market.

(P.S We’ll also discuss this with you in much more detail should we help you though the process of buying an investment property.)

It’s impossible to grow and manage a property portfolio if you don’t have the right investment finance structure in place.

In 15 pages, our Ultimate Guide for Property Investors reveals:

  • 5 ways to get started investing in property now
  • Strategies used by seasoned investors to help them get into the market sooner
  • Steps you should to take BEFORE placing an offer on that investment property
  • Things to watch out for when buying property via Auction vs Private Treaty
  • Structuring techniques used experienced investors to ensure they’re not leaving money on the table
  • How to purchase investment property without using cash
  • Different securitisation techniques used by the lender – understand how your loans can be structured

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