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Free E-Book – Refinancing Your Mortgage

Feel like you’re paying

too much for your home loan?

(You probably are.)

We can help change that.

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Ultimate Guide to Reviewing your Home Loans

Discover tweaks you can make right now to save money on your mortgage

There’s a good chance you can save money on your loan right now, without going through a complete refinance.

Often a small change is all you need to start seeing money build up in your account.

Learn the specific features accessible to everyone (but not necessarily known by everyone)  that can help reduce your loan costs.

Check your loans are structured to benefit you (& not just the lender)

If you seek finance directly through a lender, it’s not uncommon to end up with a loan structure that best suits them. The lender may take more of your security than necessary. Or lock you into a loan that stops you from achieving your longer term property plans. Or charge you more interest by arranging a loan that isn’t quite the right one. 

Without knowledge of the loan structures possible, how can you know you’ve got the right loan?

Discover the tips & tricks used by experienced borrowers to improve their chances of a good property valuation

If you’re hoping a refinance will release equity, consolidate personal debt or provide the funds you need to finally  upgrade your 80’s-style kitchen, you’re going to need a favourable property valuation.

Whilst the valuation is based on the size and location of your property (things that are a little difficult to change), we reveal things you CAN do to improve your chances of a desired valuation outcome.

If you arranged your loans some time ago, chances are the lender is providing better deals to new-to-lender clients and not extending those same offers to you.

Why are you voluntarily paying more for your loan than you need to?

In 15 pages of our Ultimate Guide to Review Your Home Loan, you’ll discover:

  • Tweaks you can make right now to keep more of your money in your own pocket
  • The reasons you need to regularly review your loans (or better yet, how easy it is to get someone else to do it for you)
  • Little-known loan structuring techniques you can use to help you save even more money
  • How your money management style should affect your loan structure
  • Steps you can take to improve the chances that your property will be valued favourably

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