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Download your Pre-Auction Checklist here

Want to have the winning bid on Auction Day?

(There’s a bit more to it than just turning up with a bidding paddle.)


Click below to find out the 10 Things

to do Before Auction Day.

Give yourself the best chance of having the winning bid

Sure, there are strategies you can implement on Auction Day (we’ll share them with you too), but to give yourself the best chance of walking away with the keys to your new home, there’s a few things you should really do BEFORE the Auction.

Don’t put your deposit at risk

We know it’s exciting when you find a home you love. Especially when you’ve been looking for ages and you’ve finally one that ticks all the boxes that isn’t too close to the in-laws. But please don’t turn up to Auction Day without running through the Pre-Auction Checklist.  

Otherwise, you could be putting your hard earned deposit at risk. 



Be confident on Auction Day

Your level of confidence on Auction Day can significantly impact your chances of securing the home you’re after. But how can you be confident about bidding, if your auction experience mostly consists of ebay purchases?

Once you run through our checklist, you’ll be cool, calm and collected and ready to put your best foot forward on Auction Day.

The idea of bidding for your home at Auction may be overwhelming, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. But if you focus on what you can control – and do everything possible to prepare the best you can for Auction Day – you’ll give yourself the best chance of securing the home.

In our Buying At Auction Checklist, we reveal:

  • Steps you can take BEFORE Auction day to minimise the risk of losing your deposit
  • What you need to do from a legal standpoint
  • What arrangements you should have in place with a lender
  • The conversations you should have with the agent
  • Addditonal things you may wish to consider

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