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Interest Only Repayments on Owner Occupier loans

If you choose to make Interest Only (I/O)  repayments on your owner occupier home loan, you’re not actually paying down any of the principle loan amount.  So, why would you choose them over Principle and Interest repayments, if it’s not going to help you own your home sooner? If you’re using an offset account and [ Read More ]

Feeling a bit ‘off balance’ when it comes to your finances?

There are times in your life when you feel strong financially. You’re both receiving good incomes, you’re growing the bank balance but still managing to enjoy the odd holiday here and there. You feel like you’re ‘getting ahead’ – it’s a great place to be. Unfortunately, that feeling doesn’t always last forever. We’ve had a few clients [ Read More ]

RBA Interest Rate Decision – September 2016

At its meeting today, the Board decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 1.50 per cent.  Here’s the statement issued by Glenn Stevens, Governor: Monetary Policy Decision. The global economy is continuing to grow, at a lower than average pace. Several advanced economies have recorded improved conditions over the past year, but conditions have [ Read More ]

The $37 question

If you have a variable rate home loan, you might already be enjoying lower loan repayments as a result of recent rate cuts. (If you’re not sure how your lender responded to the August RBA announcement, you can find out here.) The reduced rates became effective for most lenders by the middle of August, but there were [ Read More ]

“Hello, it’s ‘Larry’ from your Lender Calling…”

We’ve spoken to some clients recently who have been approached directly by their lender. It all starts out innocently enough. ‘Larry’ wants to know if you’re happy with your current loan. He wants to know if things are all ticking along as they should. And he wants to know if there is anything he can help you with. [ Read More ]

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